This week, show us how work adds to the diversity in your world.


On a beautiful day, it’s not uncommon when walking through Vancouver’s iconic Queen Elizabeth Park to happen upon one of the many talented painters perfecting their craft amongst the crowded walkways of visitors and locals alike.

But this sight to be seen is more than just a hobby for some, it’s a chance for them to create and sell their work, a chance to turn their incredible talent passion into a sustainable livelihood. Too often when we think of work in this metropolitan, we think of the mundane, the cubicle, the office, the whites and greys, and the 8-5s. Too often we forget that there are those jobs that don’t fit in our often thought of world of work. Those jobs that not only create an employment opportunity for the participant, but also adds to the beauty of an already beautiful setting, and adds colour to an often grey world of work.

For this week’s challenge, I visited Queen Elizabeth Park to see one of the many talented street painters, including the one pictured here. Take a look around you, what does “work” look like to you and how does it add to your world?

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