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Take a photo, embrace the awesome in things that stand out from the norm.

This photo was taken as I walked along the Georgia Viaduct alongside thousands of people on the Walk for Reconciliation. The walk certainly had many meaningful takeaways; however, a significant theme that stuck out for me was unity. Unity is defined as “the state of being united or joined as a whole.” The walk represented all peoples coming together in the spirit of “We are one.” It represented the foundation of building and strengthening relationships among indigenous peoples and all Canadians. The walk also represented a movement-a movement to reconciliation.

The energy that emerged from the thousands of people as we walked together along the viaduct was incredible. The level of involvement from people from diverse cultures, coming from different parts of the country made me feel proud, along with a sense of community and togetherness. The Expo was another special time for me; it was amazing to see all the local artisans, staff, volunteers, representatives and elders from Indigenous peoples and First Nations, as well as public and political figures involved in such a wonderful event. It was my first time I observed a Blanketing ceremony, and it was an honour to have been a part of such a significant event. This event brought all peoples together creating unity among all cultures. This week, take a moment to re:think what unity looks like in your community!

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