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This week, show us how support contributes to the inclusion around you


Every night, I look for the daily great migration of crows from Vancouver to Burnaby. These birds are typically misunderstood for being associated with death and disease. It certainly doesn’t help them any since a group of crows is called a murder.

In reality, crows are highly social and caring creatures: they flock together, eat together and even sleep together. If there happens to be a potential predator, they join together to scare it off. For example, some of us may have experienced being ‘swooped’ by crows when we have unknowingly walked under their nest.

It doesn’t matter whether the crow comes from a different colony, has one leg or two, is big or small; they all support each other by coming to each other’s aid during a time of need.

Whether you’re a crow or a human, support is critical in this world. Diverse and unique individuals with different skills, abilities, characteristics, and ways of behaving exist; supporting those differences makes our communities resilient and inclusive.

This week, take a moment to notice how things are supporting each other in your world. Take a photo, and embrace the awesome in things that stand out from the norm. Good luck! Make sure you use the hashtag #PEB17, #PEBYVR and #PEBsupport.


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