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This week, show us how the ability of
play enhances your life.


Since early childhood, we develop the wondrous ability to play. In our youth, we possess the extraordinary gift to use our imaginations and lose ourselves in another world. Play brings us together and it is a natural way for us to learn about fairness and to take turns with one another. During play, we also learn about rules and teamwork with others. Sometimes life can be serious and with all of the responsibilities of adult life, we often forget to take the time to play. However, this week’s challenge is a reminder for you to find your inner child and capture moments of play that bring a smile to your face.

As portrayed in this picture, we have the ability to use our bodies to play and to move the objects within our environment such as a hula hoop or a bicycle. So, go ahead and capture the essence of play in your life. What does “play” look like to you? This could be your vision of the world playing around you or an image of how you play within it.

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