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This week, show us what makes you feel connected to your community.

Connections are what bind us to a community.  We form connections with people, with our families, with our friends that enrich and bring meaning into our lives.  The connections that we develop with other people colour our days bringing moments of joy, surprise and inspiration. Inspiration to become our best.  We form connections to the environments that we live in, to the neighbourhoods, the cities and natural environments that we spend time in.  Our environments can provide us with a sense of place, purpose and belonging.  They can fill us with wonder and awe while bringing us comfort and security.  When we are connected to others and to a place we feel that we belong, we feel that we are important and valued.  Being connected gives our lives context, it is a reference point that we can weigh our values and beliefs against. When we are connected we to a healthy community we are all freed to become the best versions of ourselves that we can. What makes you feel connected to your community?  How can you make others feel more connected to your community and environment, especially those who may otherwise be overlooked?  The responsibility rests on all our shoulders to create connections. Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #PEB17 #PEBconnection #PEBYVR

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